SUPRA is a Credit card-shaped multitool that offers several convenient tools and features in a compact design that fits in your wallet or keychain like any other key. The end result is a multifunctional tool ready to fight off spontaneous outbreaks of zombies (even the scary ones that run really fast…no one cares about the slow ones).

SUPRA is truly unique. All titanium.

Its design resulting in increased strength, stiffness and badassnes

Designed by Alexander Barak, the SUPRA is the perfect balance of design and function. Not only does the TITANIUM make it ultra lightweight and strong, it’s the secret to SUPRA’s patent pending design.

Whether it’s tucked in your wallet or in your pocket, the TAG multi-tools are there to save the day anytime and anywhere.


TAG manufactures compact plier, knifes with an array of practical functions such as the scout and supra credit card these multitools fit the requirement of a practical but durable tool capable of being handy at any time


TAG: This compact credit card plier packs a lot of functionalities in a small space! The SUPRA has 14 functionalities in one easy to use, and easy to carry

This product’s wrench is designed based on ISO size